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For quantity pricing, check out with us   0331 6300 476    websuperstore@ksmtelecom.co.uk

For quantity pricing, check out with us  
 0331 6300 476    websuperstore@ksmtelecom.co.uk


Vision TM-WEBCAM webcam accessory Mount White


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Telescopic Webcam Ceiling Mount The TM-WEBCAM is a universal webcam ceiling bracket for mounting a USB camera safely to a ceiling. The telescopic design allows fast deployment and adjustment. It has a greater range than most other telescopic mounts. There is a growing demand to mount USB cameras in the ceiling for meeting applications. For example Microsoft Whiteboard uses a ceiling-mounted camera to digitize writing on a physical whiteboard for collaboration. One-Person Installation An example of thoughtful design is the length adjustment clamp system which requires only one hand. Flush-Mount Option The pole can be removed for “flush-mounting” the camera as close to the ceiling as possible. Sloping Ceilings A top tilting mechanism is included which tilts to a full 90 degrees, allowing it to fix to the side of a ceiling joist. Or you can use the bracket as a boom fixed to a wall if need be. Wall Boom Applications The bracket can alternatively be fixed horizontally to a wall to be used as a boom. Telescopic The overall length is between 440-735 mm (17.3″ – 28.9″). Note: the length of this bracket cannot be extended. Easy fit The webcam fixes using the standard tripod screw which is included. Cable Management Just drop the cables down through the pole to terminate to the camera for a professional look. Cables are out of sight. Tools Included A spanner and pin-hex key are included. Vision also includes a hex-key bit for a power drill to speed up installation. Secure Quick-release mechanisms make life easier for thieves, so the TM-WEBCAM is secure and features security bolts. Camera Tilt The bottom bracket is adjustable so you can direct the camera where you need to. Ceiling Trim Disc For applications where the pole drops down through a hole in a false ceiling, a plastic trim disc is included to tidy the hole.
Product colour White
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