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For quantity pricing, check out with us   0331 6300 476    websuperstore@ksmtelecom.co.uk

For quantity pricing, check out with us  
 0331 6300 476    websuperstore@ksmtelecom.co.uk


Mobilis ERGONOMIC SHOULDER . strap Notebook Black


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MOBILIS® has designed the Ergo shoulder strap and harness to give you the best possible comfort when using your device. Thanks to its two attachment points you can easily attach the shoulder strap to the protective case of your tablet or Surface Pro. This strap provides the best possible comfort when carrying your device and for when you are typing. The shoulder strap is padded to give you the best possible comfort during extended use. The shoulder strap is fully adjustable - it fits all shapes and sizes. Thanks to the MOBILIS® shoulder strap you can use your device on the go whenever you want. It has 2 attachment points so you can attach it to the 2 rings of your device’s (laptop/2-in-1 laptop/360° convertible laptop/tablet) protective case (Resist/Activ/Activ +/Optimum) Perfect for typing when standing up or for carrying your mobile device Reinforced shoulder strap for maximum comfort Hard-wearing strap (1680D polyester) Metal fittings Adjustable length Case not included

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