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For quantity pricing, check out with us   0331 6300 476    websuperstore@ksmtelecom.co.uk

For quantity pricing, check out with us  
 0331 6300 476    websuperstore@ksmtelecom.co.uk


Logitech Blue Sona Active Dynamic XLR Broadcast Microphone with ClearAmp™


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NO PAIN, MORE GAIN Most dynamic mics require you to purchase an external mic booster so your signal can be strong enough for your stream or podcast. Blue Sona features ClearAmp technology inside that delivers strong, +25dB additional gain for exceptional sound quality—no additional mic boosters needed. ClearAmp means less gear, easier setup and better sound. Tames Your Environment Whether you are game streaming live or recording a podcast, Blue Sona delivers stunning broadcast sound to your creative space. And, we know that many rooms are far from acoustically perfect, so we have combined multiple innovative technologies all designed to minimize key clicks, hum and vibration, computer fan noise and other distractions, so your streams are crisp and clean. Dual-Diaphragm Mic Capsule Blue Sona’s ingenious mic capsule design features two diaphragms, one optimized for capturing your voice and the second mounted in reverse to cancel out vibration. And, an integrated humbucking coil prevents electromagnetic hum or interference from your monitors or lights. Internal Shockmount The internal shockmount isolates the mic capsule and makes sure any bumps or vibrations from your desk stay out of your streams. Plus, the capsule is mounted almost two inches back from the grille so that your voice stays smooth and articulate, no matter where you place the mic. Supercardioid & Super Quiet Blue Sona’s supercardioid pickup pattern focuses tightly on your voice and rejects sound coming from all other directions. DESIGNED FOR CREATORS Every detail of Blue Sona makes your content creation experience better. The elegant, modern design looks amazing on-camera. Choose between two finishes to match your battlestation studio aesthetic, and swap out the two included windscreens with a satisfying magnetic click to personalize your look even more (or maximize hygiene between podcast guests). And, the distinctive one-knob design makes it easy to position the mic where you want it. Sculpt Your Unique Sound Every voice is unique, which is why Sona features built-in tone-shaping controls to help you fine-tune your sound. Increase clarity, reduce plosives and increase presence using the high-pass filter and presence boost, so you can cut through even the busiest video game audio or background music. Pro XLR Connection Blue Sona integrates with your favorite audio interfaces or mixers and can be powered by 24V or 48V phantom power, so you can get stunning broadcast sound for your streams, even with lower-powered audio interfaces. BLUE SOUND CERTIFIED For more than 25 years, Blue has made broadcast-quality sound more accessible to creators, in the process becoming the sound of a generation of game streamers, podcasters and YouTubers. True to that history, Blue Sona is a new kind of broadcast microphone that brings a sound that is both modern and more approachable than traditional dynamic mics, with a smooth transition from warm body through extended highs, perfect for today’s streamers and creators.
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Type Studio microphone

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