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For quantity pricing, check out with us   0331 6300 476    websuperstore@ksmtelecom.co.uk

For quantity pricing, check out with us  
 0331 6300 476    websuperstore@ksmtelecom.co.uk


Axis 01560-001 microphone White Security camera microphone


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AXIS T8351 Mk II Microphone 3.5 mm is a high-performance, discreet microphone specially designed for best results in rooms with low ambient noise-levels. This hemispherical microphone collects sound from every direction, and the quality of the recording is superior to that of the network product’s internal microphone. AXIS T8351 Mk II is compatible with any network products that supports a 3.5 mm microphone input jack, or a 4-pin audio connector. The microphone is powered by the network product and does not require an external supply. This microphone is ideal for locations where superior audio is required.
Connectivity technology Wired
Type Security camera microphone

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